The feasts of the Lord

Every Sunday, we celebrate the seven feasts of our Lord with great joy at our Lords table with bread and wine.

In a very rich way, the seven feasts show us how all-inclusive Jesus Christ is in our Spirit today. From the Passover, all the way to the feast of Tabernacle, Jesus not only fulfilled every single detail but evenmore He, as the reality of all these feasts, is mingled with our Spirit. Jesus appointed His table to be celebrated at the time of the Passover feast, this shows us that He not only replaced these feasts with Himself as the reality but rather that we should celebrate these feasts at the Lord’s Day.

This vision, that the Lord’s Day should not be a weekly ritual fundamentally changed our traditional and christian concept of the table of our Lord. Now, we don’t just gather to sing some songs, give a testimony and thank the Lord that He died for us on the cross. In fact we start to learn how to gain Christ in our family- and work-life, as our good land, and to rejoice with all the saints in what we have gained from Him during the week. At the appointed time of the Lord’s day, we bring our very best experience from the week as a spiritual sacrifice before our God and Father for His enjoyment and food.

Join us in celebrating the wonderful table of our Lord Jesus!